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Agriculture Industry Solutions
Agriculture Industry Solutions



As a farmer, you believe in your job. You know why farming’s important. And you know the value of what you do. Day in, day out. At Caterpillar, we build machines that match your values and suit your farming business. A Cat® is tough in attitude and adaptable in work. And built to perform important roles.

Ready for any task, whenever you are. These are machines you can rely upon.

Not Just One Task. Multitask.

Every farmer’s a multitasker, so we built our machines to do the same. Whatever the task – whether you want to move bales, muck out a shed, or mix feed – a Cat® machine can help you move through all your tasks more quickly, every day.

Our full line up of machines includes Cat Telehandlers, Skid Steer Loaders, Compact and Small Wheel Loaders, and Mini Excavators. But that’s not the whole story.

We’ve also put together a full range of work tools and attachments, designed and engineered with the same Caterpillar values. With these, your multitasking machine is transformed into a multifunctional machine, transforming your efficiency and productivity.

Agriculture Products Line Up

Agriculture Industry Solutions