Mobile Quote App

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are quotes in this app final?

No. While the calculations will be correct, the quote will still be subject to credit approval and final pricing. These quotes should be seen as an initial or indicative quote.

2. Is there a way to speed up the quoting process for standard configurations?

Yes. If you quote on a standard configuration often, you can create a template that will save all pricing and inputs. This will allow you to easily open the template, update a few fields and calculate a quote in one (1) minute or less.

3. Do I need to be an expert on quoting?

No, the app will help all users through the quoting process by setting default, minimum and maximum values. This will help make the quoting process faster as well as more accurate.

4. Can I send a quote to a customer?

Yes. Once a quote has been calculated, you can save the term and financial product that the customer is interested in. Once saved, you will be able to view a preview of the quote letter and then send it to the customer, yourself, or even your finance manager or Cat Financial Territory Manager.

5. Can I view all of my previous quotes in the app?

Yes. Any quote produced in the app can be retrieved by going to the Existing Customers screen and clicking on My Accounts.

6. Will other dealers or sales reps be able to see my quotes?

No. Dealers can only see their customers, and dealer sales reps can only view their quotes. A finance manager or sales manager can view all quotes for their dealer, but only if they are listed as an admin.

7. What about a new prospective customer, can I view these in the system?

Yes. You will be able to open any prospective customers or leads for your dealer. You will also be able to add a new prospect customer when creating a new quote.

8. Can I view old expired quotes in the app, and can I re-open?

Yes. You will be able to view any quote produced in this app that you created. That includes quotes that have expired. If you need to re-open a quote, simply open the expired quote, change the dates and update any inputs that may have changed.

9. Can the app remember my language preference?

Yes. This should be a one time setting based on your country. Simply select your preferred language and the system will remember you.

10. Is there any way to speed up the process for standard configurations?

Yes, every dealer can setup a template for standard configurations. Inputs like equipment, price, down payment, taxes, etc… can all be saved so that sales teams can simply open a template, enter customer details and calculate results.

11. How do I setup a new template?

Every dealer can setup their own campaigns. Please contact your Admin to setup a campaign for you. If you have questions about who your admin is, please contact us.

12. Is this tool available to customers?

No, this tool is for employees and dealers only. A quote can be emailed to a customer, but they cannot login to the app.