Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands

Port Torshavn Expansion

The Faroe Islands, (sometimes called ‘Faeroes’), are a group of eighteen islands in Northern Europe, about halfway between Norway and Iceland. This rugged island has been embarking on a journey to expand its largest port – Port Torshavn. The planned expansion will soon double the port’s square metre capacity and additionally will give Torshavn a new dock with two new quays.

The Faroese based construction company, J & K Peterson Contractors, will be taking on the exciting expansion project and is well known for their vast experience working in harsh conditions. Stein Olvur Peterson, Director of J & K Peterson commented, “We have for many years specialised in port construction and have acquired expertise in working in tough weather environments, like the Faroese. We have also been chosen to work on projects in both Norway and Greenland, because we know how to work and relate to a harsh climate.”


Port expansion is an economic necessity

But why should the port be extended? For the Faroese, the port expansion is considered an economic necessity. The economy is driven by fishing, which overall accounts for 95% of gross domestic product. When that is combined with an increased interest in the Faroe Islands as a tourist destination, expanding the port was an easy decision. Cruise ships will increasingly put the trip past the scenic islands because the current port cannot meet the increase in ship traffic.

Olvur Peterson added, “Future ships, with their increased tonnage, will not be able to get into the current port. Therefore, we are now working to expand the existing port area of 100,000 m², almost a doubling in size. It will also require an extended pier at 1,000 metres.”


772G dump must drive about 150,000 trips from the quarry to the shipping dock.

772G dump must drive about 150,000 trips from the quarry to the shipping dock.


In order to accommodate this undertaking, J & K Petersen Contractors needed to acquire several new machines to ensure enough horsepower to reach the finish of this project. Pon Equipment (based in Denmark) delivered a series of Cat® machines, which includes two Cat 374F excavators, two 390F excavators, four Cat 772G dumpers and a Cat 988K wheel loader.

Michael Bahn Jørgensen, Sales and Marketing Director, Pon Equipment DK, commented, “Experts from Caterpillar and Pon Equipment made thorough calculations on what machines would be the most efficient for this project.”

Jørgensen added, “The machines are now working on the project. Prior to this we have been in a dialogue with J & K Petersen for almost one and a half years before we concluded the deal. It is a fantastic feeling to see the machines here at the quarrel and knowing that the machines we suggested are fulfilling the expectations from J&K Petersen.”

The dense fog and sharp wind combined with the thousands of tons of rocks to be unloaded and moved from the quarry, presented the perfect exam for these massive Cat machines. The four 772G trucks with their load capacity of almost 47 tons are working overtime. They run continuously in order to carry all the stones to help complete the port project. Reliability is particularly important as it could delay the entire building process. All machines need to run according to plan, especially with the weather. There can be days at a time when work shuts down because of weather. Therefore, it is important to strike while the iron is hot.


390FL unloads stones from a barge.

390FL unloads stones from a barge.


The hydraulic excavator 390FL had the task of loading the trucks. It is a versatile machine that has many configurations, tools and tool management functions. It is effective for demanding work with stone materials and breaking work, which is exactly what J & K Petersen Contractors demanded. The Cat C18 ACERT engine also meets the EU Stage IV emission standards. In addition, you can simultaneously select between two modes of power, in the form of a default output and Eco mode, for optimum control of the fuel. The engine can run on B20 biodiesel, which allows for better fuel savings.

The port project is set for completion in November 2019.


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