TRAC Lease

TRAC Lease

Built for over-the-road motor vehicles and trailers, this flexible option offers higher end-of-term purchase amounts, resulting in lower monthly payments. The TRAC lease contains a provision from the IRS that allows Cat Financial customers to negotiate in advance the fleet truck/trailer’s estimated residual value when the lease expires.

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  • Provides flexibility—higher end-of-term purchase amount results in lower monthly payments
  • Offers a potential tax deduction for the entire amount of monthly payment
  • May help improve balance sheets and financial ratios


End-of-Term Option

  • Purchase by cash, purchase by financing or return the equipment.


  • Length (new equipment) – 24–60 months (Terms greater than 60 months may be considered upon request)
  • Purchase Option Alternatives – Provision to purchase at the TRAC value or return machine to Cat Financial
  • Tax Benefits – Retained by Cat Financial
  • Payment Flexibility – Monthly (Other schedules may be considered upon request)


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