Why e-Signature?

Your time is valuable. e-Signature is an easy way to quickly approve and electronically sign documents that will give you more time for project management. Sign your documents online and get your equipment working for you faster.


How can I benefit from e-Signature?

  • Easy and quick to set up – your dealer will guide you through the electronic signature process.
  • Ease of electronic processing – no more handling paper documents. Everything can be done online 24/7 at your convenience.
  • Online support for questions – a help section is available on the site if you need assistance.
  • Support by phone – once you have signed up, technical support will be available to take your calls at 877-523- 5411.

Is e-Signature secure?

Yes, e-Signature is a safe web browser application that requires personal identity authentication through Equifax, a trusted source. Only you can access your e-Signature documents. By keeping your login information safe, you can use e-Signature to sign all of your Cat Financial documents.

How does the e-Signature signing process work?

As a customer, you’ll receive an email notifying you that documents are available for your signature. After you verify your identity through Equifax, you’ll be directed to your documents within e-Signature. Our “click-to-sign” technology allows you to sign your documents, anytime, anywhere. You will receive an e-mail with a link to e-Signature to authorize and electronically sign your documents. Your Cat dealer and a help section within the site are available to guide you through this process. A representative from your dealer electronically signs the documents. Cat Financial receives the documents and sends you a welcome packet.

What about guarantors? Can they sign too?

Yes, e-Signature allows guarantors to sign documents electronically, too. Even special documents, like extended protection and Direct Debit Authorization, can be uploaded to be included in your e-Signature document package.

What do I need to sign my e-Signature documents?

As a Cat Financial customer, all you need is Internet access and an e-mail account to sign your finance documents online.

After signing, can I download a copy of my signed documents?

Yes, after signing your documents via e-Signature you will be directed to a place that allows you to download your finance documents. The documents will reflect your electronic signature, but not the dealer’s signature. After processing at Cat Financial, you will receive signed copies of your finance documents that reflect your signature and the dealer’s signature.

Is online support available to help me navigate the system?

Your Cat dealer is able to help you with your document-signing process. Additionally, the Cat Financial Help Desk is available to help you 24/7 at 877-523-5411.


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