The Value of Leasing Equipment Through Cat Financial

Value of leasing equipment



A significant expense to business owners can be the cost of maintaining and operating equipment. There are options beyond the outright purchase of machinery, allowing business owners to more securely manage their finances and spread out the cost of using machinery while gaining immediate use of the asset.

Let’s take a closer look at one of these options and discover how it can help your business complete its objectives with dependable, best-in-class equipment. What is leasing, and why could it be a great choice for your business?

Laying out the basics of an equipment lease

An equipment lease allows your business to use and maintain access to the asset for the specified term of the lease agreement. 

When the lease is up for renewal, your business will have the option to extend the lease, return the equipment or purchase the equipment with new terms and conditions.

Generally, a lease provides immediate use of asset, increased working capital, increased bonding/bidding capacity, lower monthly payments, integrated service agreements, no down payment, and latest technology with the benefit of adjusting fleet easily.

Equipment financing is based on gaining ownership and building equity of the asset. A key difference between leasing and financing is ownership of the asset does not transfer to the lessee at the end of the lease. Customers should keep this in mind when choosing a financial product. 

What are my options for leasing equipment through Cat Financial?

Cat Financial offers two leasing options to help your company select the lease that best aligns with its unique needs:

  1. Finance lease: A finance lease provides purchase options during the term and at the end, which includes 100% financing for qualified customers.
  2. Operating lease: An operating lease is focused on the lowest possible monthly payments. Additionally, it includes a purchase option at the end of the agreement and the possibility of extended terms. With qualified leases an early purchase option can be established to add flexibility. This product also provides 100% financing for qualified customers.

To learn more about how Cat Financial can support your choice to lease the equipment your business needs to succeed, get in touch with us today.



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