The Value of Compact Equipment on the Job Site

The Value of Compact Equipment



The right tools for the job go a long way to finishing work on time and moving onto the next project. When it comes to heavy equipment, the idea that bigger is better carries some weight, and with good reason. More power and more capabilities are important for some tasks. However, maneuverability and compact operation can also play a critical role on any job site.


Let's look at how heavy equipment designed to excel in the confines of smaller jobsites can help your company get the job done. Then, we'll look at how the financial component of compact machinery can also benefit your business.

On the jobsite

Compact equipment punches above its weight on certain jobsites. It particularly shines in urban environments. With lots of people and structures crammed into a relatively small space, large equipment may be too big to travel to the jobsite safely, much less capably perform work once there. That's especially true when working in residential neighborhoods where roads aren't wide and residents park on the street. Space is at a premium, so equipment with a smaller footprint can spend more time on the task at hand and less time maneuvering.

Compact equipment is often the standard on residential job sites. Beyond neighborhoods with especially large lots and rural areas, homes are often placed relatively close to one another. Whether building a new house, renovating, completing an addition or clearing the way for a new feature like an in-ground pool, compact equipment is well-suited to working in a small space. Benefits include simpler navigation between trees and outbuildings to carrying excavated material to the front of the property to be removed.

Even when working on larger commercial or industrial efforts, the size of a jobsite and the presence of other equipment, workers and resources is a priority. A well-planned project emphasizes an efficient schedule, which often means a wide range of work may be in process at any given time. Smaller equipment makes it easier to function safely around other tasks being completed at the same time. And in areas where space is restricted, like when a building's structure is already in place, compact machinery is more agile and useful.

Financing compact equipment

Compact equipment typically offers a more manageable price than similar larger options. Making sure your machinery has the specifications and ratings needed to capably and safely handle the jobs you regularly encounter is vital. But if a smaller piece of equipment can do everything you need it to, the cost savings and increased ability to put it to work on a variety of jobsites are especially valuable.

Beyond the possible lower initial costs, the ongoing costs associated with operation should be considered as well. Smaller machines tend to use less fuel than their larger counterparts, which can positively impact your budget over time. Lower fuel costs translate to more money that can be put into everything from financing additional equipment to bringing on more employees or simply keeping funds on hand to improve your working capital.

Finding the right source of equipment and financing partner are critical. Cat Financial's exclusive role as the captive financing provider for Cat® equipment puts your company in the best position possible to secure financing for new and used equipment alike. Whether you want to lease or loan, your business has plenty of options for bringing in the compact equipment that's so critical to your continued success.

The advantages of Cat Financial extend beyond the initial financing agreement, too. Our Equipment Protection Plans offer your company four levels of coverage for these crucial assets, from basic powertrain protections to a Premier plan that also covers hydraulics, technological and electrical components and structural pieces. We also offer Extended Service Coverage - with repairs and maintenance handled by certified technicians, and Physical Damage Insurance, helping you protect your equipment in the way that makes the most sense for your unique needs.

Cat Financial can help your business with other core needs. From the Cat Card, with revolving account and invoice billing options, to Commercial General Liability Insurance, we help your company address a wide range of financial concerns and needs. To learn more about how we can assist you, including securing the heavy equipment necessary to run your business in a cost-effective manner and so much more, get in touch with us today.



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