Window Lease

Window Lease

This lease is built to offer the benefits of a finance lease with added flexibility. You will have the option to buy the equipment at a stated Early Purchase Option (EPO) price and date before lease termination.

Whether you’re buying equipment, protecting your investment, managing your accounts or preparing for the future, our comprehensive financing and extended protection solutions help you be more successful.



  • Equipment can be leased for an extended term
  • Early Purchase Options available to acquire the equipment at a specific time before termination of the lease
  • Equipment can be returned or purchased (at a predetermined Fair Market Value) at the end of lease term
    Example: You lease a $100,000 piece of equipment for 60 months with an EPO of $48,000 after 36 months. After 36 months, you may either buy the machine for $48,000 or continue the original lease.


End-of-Term Options

  • Early Purchase Option (EPO): stated option at lease inception, offered before the end of the lease.


  • Length (new equipment) – 24–60 months (Terms greater than 60 months may be considered upon request)
  • Purchase Option Alternatives – Early Purchase Options, provision to purchase at a predetermined Fair Market Value or return machine to Cat Financial at end of lease term
  • Tax Benefits – Retained by Cat Financial
  • Payment Flexibility – Monthly (Other schedules may be considered upon request)


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