Recycling & Waste

Recycling & Waste

You need the right machine to support the right work tool for your operation. When your business is demolition, scrap recycling and waste, you put a variety of tools to tough use, every day.

We're ready to help you get the finance and extended protection support you need. You can count on our team of industry experts to help you get the equipment you need and the financial support you want to keep your operation up and running.

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Demolition & Scrap Recycling and Waste Demolition & Scrap Recycling and Waste

Committed to Lowering your Operating Costs

With a complete range of purpose built machinery for demolition and scrap recycling applications featuring:

Purpose-Built Guards

The right guards are built for the application and protect your demolition or scrap-handling equipment from turning into scrap. All machines are protected in key areas, including undercarriages, radiators, axles and cabs. Ask us about guarding options for your equipment.

Cat Flexport ™ Tires

These heavy duty applications can be hard on tires. But hard tires aren't the only solution. Puncture-proof Flexport tires ensure maximum uptime. And their exclusive elliptically-shaped sidewall ports produce a smoother, more cushioned ride for greater operator comfort, machine stability and extended tire life.

Air Filtration

Air quality can take a toll on machines and operators in scrap applications. We use independent air filtration systems for the operator cab and machine engine system to ensure improved operator comfort and longer engine life.

Variable Pitch/Reverse Fan

Debris build up can affect cooling systems that aren't designed for it. Our fan design actively expels debris, keeping your system cleaner and cooler at the same time.

Patented Ground Entry/Exit on New MH3000 Series

Slips, trips, and falls are a huge safety concern for owners and operators. The patented ground entry/exit hydraulic cab riser system on the new Cat® MH3000 series material handlers minimizes these concerns. One step and you're in. 

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