P. Flannery Plant Hire (Oval) Ltd

Streamlining the credit approval process for P. Flannery Plant Hire Ltd

P. Flannery Plant Hire (Oval) Ltd is one of the United Kingdom's leading plant hire companies with national coverage. Their facility takes deliveries of new equipment, sometimes on a daily basis.

Their fleet is comprised of seventy percent Cat® machines with more than half of those machines financed through Cat Financial. More recently, these units have been delivered individually, rather than in tranches. This causes additional administrative burden for the Financial Controller and Directors at Flannery, the dealer and Cat Financial due to the need for sign offs on multiple agreements on an ad hoc basis.

After seeing an opportunity to improve P. Flannery’s customers experience, Nicki Croucher, Territory Manager, Cat Financial, arranged a conference call with Flannery to establish a more efficient process that would move away from the current highly administrative one. As a result, a plan was put together to reduce the volume of weekly documents sent to them for approval. This was a combined effort between all parties, partnering together to increase productivity.

Following the first week of the new process, Simon Waller, Financial Controller at Flannery said, “We are delighted with the changes made.” Waller expressed his gratitude by thanking the Cat Financial team for working together to streamline the process, saving a considerable amount of time and driving process improvements and efficiencies.

Working closely with customers like P. Flannery Plant Hire (Oval) Ltd and Cat dealer Finning, helps our team better understand the different business needs of the customers we serve. Working together, we can assure we're building the right financial solutions for each customer - solutions tailored to support their business needs.


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