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Customer Data Privacy Statement and Other Customer Notices

This Privacy Statement applies to companies in the Financial Products Division of Caterpillar Inc. and all of its subsidiaries (referred to collectively here as “Caterpillar Financial”). The Privacy Statement expresses our firm commitment to protecting the privacy of our customers and applies to our customers worldwide, as they access and interact with us in person, through our websites, or by other means. Additional information regarding privacy issues may be supplied to you in connection with a particular service or product offered by a Caterpillar Financial business, whether through a website, by telephone, or in writing. The additional information may be required by various laws or the specific nature of the services or products of any particular Caterpillar Financial business. We encourage you to read all information that we supply to you regarding our handling of your personal information including any Local Privacy Guide that may be provided along with this Privacy Statement.

What personal information do we collect?

At Caterpillar Financial, we are committed to collecting only personal information provided to us voluntarily and for a purpose and in amounts and detail relevant to our commercial business. In order for us to provide you with services or products that you are seeking, we may have to ask you for information about yourself. When you are invited to provide personal information, we will tell you what Caterpillar Financial business is requesting the information and for what purpose we will use the information. We will inform you about any consequences that could occur should you decide not to supply the information – such as our inability to evaluate your business’ application for credit. And, you will be provided any additional information necessary for the fair and careful handling of that data. Caterpillar Financial operations in the United States of America and around the world have safeguards in place for the protection of your personal information. Those security measures are discussed below.

You can visit our websites without revealing your identity or your email address. For certain website activities, you may be required to register before using the website’s services. We collect statistical data about the number of visits we have to our website, the average time spent on the site and other similar data. This information enables us to improve our web-based services continuously and better serve you.

Data transfers and your choices

We may share your personal information with other companies within the Caterpillar Inc. family (“Affiliated Companies”) and with our dealers in order to fulfill your requests. Where your transaction terms permit, we may share your personal information in order to manage our portfolio using the financial markets. Where applicable law allows, we might share your personal information with our Affiliated Companies and dealers in order to introduce you to additional Caterpillar products or services, unless you choose to opt out of this sharing by following the instructions in the attached local privacy guide. Unless otherwise compelled by law, we do not share your personal information or information about your business with unaffiliated third parties unless we have a commitment from the recipient to abide by Caterpillar’s standards for handling personal information.

Securing your personal information

Caterpillar Financial uses reasonable technical, administrative, and physical security measures to reduce the risk losing, unauthorized access to, or inadvertent destruction of your personal information. We train our employees to handle our customer’s personal and business information in accordance with this Privacy Statement and approved practices and procedures that we have established to ensure that Caterpillar Financial operates in accordance with applicable laws and Caterpillar Inc.’s internal policies for protecting personal information. Only those employees with proper authority and training are allowed access to your personal and business information. Employees who mishandle customer information may be disciplined.

If your communication is very sensitive or contains highly confidential information (such as bank account numbers), we encourage customers to understand the risks inherent with each means of sending sensitive or highly confidential information to Caterpillar Financial and to take the necessary steps to ensure that you choose a means of transferring the information confidentially and securely. Caterpillar Financial can receive such information through a number of ways: mail, overnight delivery, telephone, facsimile, or email.

When permitted, or required, by law, our customer service centers may record your phone calls to them, so that Caterpillar Financial managers can evaluate the quality of our representatives’ handling of your customer service needs or to comply with applicable local laws requiring the recording of such calls. As with the measures used to protect personal information stored in systems and records, Caterpillar Financial uses reasonable technical, administrative, and physical security measures to protect the recordings that may contain personal information.

Retention of personal information; access and data integrity

Caterpillar Financial retains your personal information for no longer than is necessary and reasonable in relation to the data’s intended purpose. Caterpillar’s records retention policy addresses the retention of written and electronic documents, including those documents containing personal information about our customers. If you would like to request access to personal information you have provided to us, you may contact the customer service department serving you or in any manner disclosed to you in the Local Privacy Guide. We will make reasonable efforts to keep your personal information accurate, complete, and current. And, we will enable you to correct personal information as appropriate.

Your consent

By providing your personal information to us, you consent to the collection and use of the personal information in accordance with the purposes described in this Privacy Statement and in any related Local Privacy Guide. Caterpillar Financial is a United States-based company doing business throughout the world, and while many of our systems are located in the United States, in order to fulfill your requests for certain goods or services and to manage our portfolio as it relates to your account, we may transfer information, including your personal information, to other countries. Regardless of the country, your personal information is subject to Caterpillar’s Enterprise Policy on Data Privacy, this Privacy Statement, and any applicable Local Privacy Guide.

For disputes involving personal information transferred from the E.U. and Switzerland, Caterpillar has agreed to cooperate with the applicable data protection authority. Violation of this Statement may result in disciplinary action, including possible termination of employment. We reserve the right to modify and update this Statement and related business practices. Such modifications will be communicated as appropriate.

Amendment or change to the Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to amend our Privacy Statement. We will notify you of any material changes to this Privacy Statement by posting a revised statement on our website or by other means. Your use of our products or services or online services, including forms associated with our web page, following the notification of changes and amendments to the Privacy Statement will demonstrate your acceptance of those changes.

Local Privacy Guide

Some Caterpillar Financial offices must disclose additional information by law and choose to supply local contact information for your use. For purposes of opting out of the marketing opportunities referenced in this Privacy Statement, for questions or concerns about this Privacy Statement, or to access your information, please contact

FPD Data Privacy Coordinator
Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation
2120 West End Avenue, P.O. Box 340001
Nashville, TN, USA 37203-0001

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