Tiffany Construction

Tiffany Construction

Since 1925, Tiffany Construction Equipment has been providing high-quality groundwork throughout Arizona. Whether excavating 180-acre ponds or building new golf courses, Tiffany handles some of the biggest projects in the state. A large contributor to the company’s enduring success is its partnership with Cat Financial.

“Cat Financial does offer things that typical lenders can’t do for us. They have a one-stop shop kind of thing,” said Lyndon Larson, Corporate Treasurer and Controller, Tiffany Construction. “They can do leasing for us. They can do refinancing for us. They can structure it however we like to do it.”

“This is the reason we like to use them-because we have flexibility. We’ve found that just very, very comfortable to deal with.”

To meet the demands of their projects, Tiffany requires a fleet of modern equipment featuring state-of-the-art technology. Many of the machines are leased from Cat Financial in order to help with the off-balance sheet treatment of their debt. But that’s not the only way we help Tiffany.

“We were in a tough spot earlier this year,” said Larson. “We could look into our crystal ball and see that instead of weeks it was going to take months to have a couple of jobs start for us.”

We helped Tiffany by refinancing their debt and providing them with an operating line of credit and capital solutions for major repairs.

“They definitely went above and beyond what a normal outfit would do for us,” said Larson.

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